(Philip Rucker/The Washington Post via Instagram)

DUBUQUE, Iowa — GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney opened up his second event of the day with a joke at the expense of Chuck Grassley, the Iowa GOP senator known for his prolific and sometimes difficult-to-decipher tweets.

Taking the stage after Grassley at a hangar here in eastern Iowa, Romney reminded the crowd of an incident several weeks ago in which Grassley tweeted that he had hit a deer while driving his car.


"Have you hit any deer lately? Those of you that watch his blog know what I'm talking about," Romney told the crowd. The audience responded with a murmur and a few "awwws."

"Unfortunately, the deer didn't make it," Romney continued. Then he asked: "Was it delicious?"

Romney's Iowa speech was similar to the message he delivered to supporters at his first event of the day, in New Hampshire.

He seized on a remark by Obama on Friday that voting is the "best revenge," telling the crowd, "He's asking his supporters to vote for revenge. I'm asking you to vote for love of country."

"USA! USA!" the audience roared back.

And he urged supporters to reach out in an effort to persuade those who may have voted for Obama four years ago.

"I want you to reach across the street to that neighbor who has the other sign in their back yard," he said to cheers from the crowd.