COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Mitt Romney's third rally of the day at a swing-state airplane hangar was his most raucous yet, as he fired up supporters by noting that their chance to change the country's direction is just three days away.

Flanked by a massive sign reading "Real Change on Day One" and by teleprompters -- a reminder that his closing argument is a departure from what he has been saying on the stump over the past few weeks -- Romney told the hangar full of supporters that "there’s a better life out there for us."

"It’s waiting for us," the Republican presidential nominee said, as his wife, Ann, stood next to him. "Our destiny is in the hands of the American people -- in your hands. Three more days. Three more days, and we can get to work rebuilding our country. Three more days, and our confidence becomes restored and our conviction is even stronger.”

At another point, Romney told the crowd, "All across America, people have watched as our campaign has gathered the strength of a movement."

The rally was one of two that Romney was holding in this key electoral state. Afterward, he went on to Denver to headline an event with singer Randy Owen of the group Alabama.

As he has done increasingly while campaigning in recent days, Romney focused more on his experience as Massachusetts governor rather than on his years as a businessman. During the rally, he also raised two topics that have largely been absent from the campaign trail: last year's debt ceiling fight between the White House and congressional Republicans and the multiple threats of a government shutdown, which Romney ascribed to President Obama's inability to work with Congress.

"He's ignored them. He's attacked them. He's blamed them," Romney said.

Speaking ahead of her husband, Ann Romney told the crowd that it was "quite emotional, I must say, to be in this room, but it’s also quite emotional for me to know how humble I feel at this moment -- how filled with love I feel for the people of this country and for the journey we’ve been on for this last while across this nation and what we are sensing and how important this moment is."

"This is our time to turn the country around," she said, "and I’m standing next to the man that’s going to do that."