Jon Ralston, the top political reporter and analyst in Nevada, predicted Sunday that President Obama will carry the Silver State and Sen. Dean Heller (R) will narrowly hold onto his seat in the upper chamber. 

"It would be very difficult for Obama to lose Nevada, especially because I think more than two-thirds of the vote is in, so whatever turnout advantage the GOP has on Tuesday won’t be enough. Obama, 50 percent; Romney, 46 percent; others and 'none of the above,' 4 percent," Ralston wrote. 

Down the ballot in the Senate race, Ralston -- who predicted in 2010 that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) would defeat Republican challenger Sharron Angle, even as polls showed Angle leading slightly late in the race -- predicted a narrow victory for Heller over Rep. Shelley Berkley (D), but stressed that the race could realistically go either way.  

The Fix moved Nevada from "toss-up" to "lean Obama" on Saturday.