The Wisconsin State Journal, the state's second largest paper with a Sunday circulation of 118,000, has gone from endorsing Barack Obama in 2008 to supporting his opponent in 2012. 

"This is not an easy endorsement to make," the paper's editorial board wrote. "We endorsed Obama for change last time around. Now we're endorsing change again: Mitt Romney."

The paper faults Romney for his views on social issues and "unrealistic" promises, but praises his "reasonableness and smarts." Obama gets credit for Iraq, Osama bin Laden and school reform but the paper faults him for failing to pass a budget, tackle the debt or work with Republicans in Congress.

The State Journal is based in Madison, a very liberal city where few voters are likely to be persuaded to back a Republican. But the state's largest paper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is no longer endorsing presidential candidates, giving this move more weight. 

When we tallied swing state papers late last month, we found seven that went from backing Obama in 2008 to supporting Romney and one that went from Sen. John McCain (R) in 2008 to Obama. 

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