With the election down to the wire, the ground game for both campaigns was full-on in the swing state of Nevada.

The Romney campaign has had 600 volunteers - many from out of state -- deployed in the Las Vegas region since Friday, and another 300 in Reno, officials said, in what they called the biggest ground deployment of the campaign in Nevada. The aim: turning out supporters to cast votes Tuesday.

On Monday the focus for the Romney side was also Hispanic voters, with a campaign event in the heart of the Hispanic community of Las Vegas. There, the candidate's son, Craig, greeted a crowd of 100 in Spanish and told stories about his father's character and values. He was heartily applauded. Former SBA administrator Hector Barreto and former treasurer of the United States Rosario Marin, both appointees of George W. Bush, appeared, with Marin rousing the crowd by saying, "President Obama has now resorted to telling his supporters to vote for revenge."

The Obama campaign had its army of volunteers at work in Nevada, too, many arriving from California and elsewhere out-of-state. The campaign tallied 1,213 volunteer shifts of three to four hours for its Monday get-out-the-vote effort. For Tuesday, another 1,621 shifts were scheduled. Volunteers were mostly walking door-to-door, heading out in waves across Las Vegas Monday, and manning phone banks. The Obama campaign was planning to kick its efforts off Tuesday in East Las Vegas, working in the Hispanic community.