After nine rallies in two days, Mitt Romney has added two more last-minute stops in the Rust Belt to his campaign schedule. 

The Republican presidential candidate will stop in Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Penn. on Election Day, instead of ending his campaign in New Hampshire Monday night as previously planned. 

Romney will stop in both states to thank volunteers and help get out the vote. 

"The governor wants to keep working through the day," a campaign official said, "and keep the energy going."

Barack Obama campaigned in Indiana on Election Day in 2008, a Republican-leaning state he won in an upset that will likely not be repeated this cycle. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) rallied supporters in Colorado and New Mexico; he lost both states. 

The last-minute decision is in keeping with a campaign that has continually pushed to find new openings and has edged up relentlessly in the polls, with Romney essentially deadlocked with Obama over the past two weeks in most nationwide surveys.

Polls in Ohio show a very tight race, usually within the margin of error, although some surveys give Obama the lead. In Pennsylvania, the president has a slight edge. Romney's campaign began lavishing attention on the long-ignored Keystone State last week, pouring money into ads and staging a rally for thousands Sunday night. 

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