FAIRFAX, Va. — Mitt Romney struck a valedictory note Monday afternoon as he rallied supporters at back-to-back events in the crucial state of Virginia.

Appearing onstage with his wife, Ann, and speaking before an audience of 8,500 people inside George Mason University's Patriot Center here, Romney told supporters that "your voices and your energy and your passion are being heard all over the nation."

Joking at the size of the audience, he quipped: "I am looking around to see if we have The Beatles here or something to have brought you, but it looks like you came just for the campaign and I appreciate it."

Afterward, in separate remarks to an overflow crowd of about 3,000 people waiting outside in the late afternoon chill, Romney said he was "so moved by the support that we received here today." 

Ann Romney, who has appeared onstage with her husband at several events during the final campaign stretch, received a burst of applause from the crowd inside the venue when she asked, "Are we going to be neighbors soon?"

"It’s so exciting to walk into a room like this and get greeted like that," she said.

Ahead of the George Mason event, Romney addressed a crowd of several thousand at an airport in Lynchburg, Va.; he began his 18-hour day with a rally at another airport outside of Orlando, Fla. At both events, new campaign signs bearing the words "Vote for Love of Country" were on display, a dig at President Obama's recent quip that the best "revenge" for supporters is to cast a ballot Nov. 6.

With two more election-eve rallies to go, in addition two newly added Election Day events in Ohio and Pennsylvania, the GOP presidential nominee still has miles to go before the end of his 17-month-long journey to the White House.