MADISON, Wis. – The Boss will be on-board Air Force One on Monday.

The Obama campaign announced that rocker Bruce Springsteen will join President Obama aboard the big plane as the president travels from Madison, Wis., to Columbus, Ohio. Springsteen is playing at three Obama rallies Monday, wrapping up with the president in Des Moines, Iowa, in the evening.

Springsteen, who endorsed and campaigned for Obama four years ago, had said he was going to remain on the political sidelines this year, but he changed his mind last month and began a series of rally performances in swing states such as Ohio, Iowa and Virginia.

He even created a campaign song for the president, playing off Obama's campaign slogan by titling it "Forward and Away We Go."

Jon Bon Jovi got a ride from Obama back in June, when the singer/songwriter performed at a fundraiser for the president.