(Jared Soares For The Washington Post)

Random "Woooo!", blares of car horns and cheerful shouts of "Obama!" filled the blocks surrounding the White House minutes after media outlets declared the President won a second term.

Supporters sandwiched both sidewalks of 16th Street as they descended upon Lafayette Park outside the presidential mansion about 11:30 p.m.

The crowd started small with a half dozen or so people trickling in, but as they neared police erected barricades on Pennsylvania Avenue the joined a chorus of hundreds.

"Four more years! Four more years!" the crowd chanted.

Supporters draped in American flags climbed small trees on the edge of the

White House grounds. Others unfurled a banner declaring "Sandy demands Climate
Action Now".

Some revelers checked their phones, continuing to seek updates on poll results from Florida or Colorado as they still hoped for an electoral mandate.  Video cameras and flashes lit up the crowd and dozens snapped their moment of history.

Lauren-Michelle Smith flashed a big smiled and flipped two big thumbs up as she let a stranger snap her photo. 

The Maryland resident watched the results at a downtown restaurant where she works as a server, nervous about the outcome. But minutes after the win, she poured into the street and was drawn to the sounds of the crowd outside the White House.

She still hoped Obama would earn the chance to finish his agenda, despite what she described as Congressional obstruction. 

"I had a pit in my stomach all night. I didn't know if we could do it," Smith said. "I'm really glad America gave him another four years."