(Source: Cuju Beijing)

A number of Russians are taking the election as an opportunity to mock the American electoral college system, which some cite as proof that Russia is more democratic. A Beijing expat bar  opened early – very early, 8 a.m. – to serve beer modeled on President Obama's home-brewed ale. A Swedish public relations firm has set up a satirical Swedish Party that promises to make the United States a part of Sweden.

In Israel, people are glued to the U.S. race, which they predict will have significant ramifications in their own country. Libyans are worried that the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi might influence the race, in which many Libyans say they prefer Obama. Members of the Syrian opposition leadership suspect it will make little difference to them who wins.

Every four years, people across the globe turn toward the United States as Americans elect a president whose decisions will resonate worldwide. The Post's foreign staff is reporting on global reaction today and tomorrow over on the WorldViews blog: what the world sees in the U.S. race, what it expects from the winner, which candidate is preferred where, and more.

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