The polls in Iowa closed at 9 p.m. but a line of about a dozen voters remained at a Lutheran church near Iowa State University's campus 30 minutes later.

Sara Alesandrini, 19, celebrated finally casting her vote after nearly four hours of waiting in a line that snaked down the church hallway and back and forth through pews. She had arrived at 5:30 with a sorority sister, who didn't have the proper paperwork to register that day. So Alesandrini made friends with the others in line.

Alesandrini is from Illinois but decided to register on election day in Iowa. Wearing a pink "Classy Women Vote Republican" button, she cast her ballot for Romney. She heard him speak during a recent visit to Ames and was inspired.
"I knew my vote would count more in Iowa than in Illinois," said Alesandrini, a sophomore interior design major. "Hopefully whoever wins takes America to a better place."