Election Day brought a first for Bob Kastenbaum, 56, a lawyer from the suburban swing territory of Henrico County outside of Richmond. He voted a straight GOP ticket.

“I did something I normally don’t do,” Kastenbaum said. “I voted the party ticket.”

Kastenbaum did not hesitate to vote for Mitt Romney at the top of that ticket. “I’m ready for change,” he said, speaking approvingly of the Republican’s approach to the economy and foreign policy. “We need a new team in.”

And Kastenbaum readily chose the Republican at the bottom of his ballot, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. But he wavered a bit before settling on Republican George Allen for Senate.

Kastenbaum said he normally would have preferred Democrat Timothy M. Kaine for Senate. But with Washington politics so partisan, he feels Romney and Cantor can’t accomplish much if they don’t have a Republican Senate to work with.

“I may not have voted for Allen typically,” Kastenbaum said. “The way Congress is right now, it’s a bloc instead of maybe the best man for the job.”