People celebrate in front of the White House with a cardboard cutout of the US President Barack Obama. (AFP PHOTO/Mladen Antonov)

Waves of cheers swept along a nearly two block stretch near the White House as hundreds shouted "Yes We Can" or "Obama." College students sprinted toward the din, followed by a small fleet of bicyclists and middle-aged supporters brought up the rear.

At the center of the celebration, Kelvin Dominick, 29, of the District stood calmly and quietly -- neatly dressed in pressed overcoat -- almost the epitome of the "no drama Obama" campaign slogan. Dominick supported Obama in both campaigns but had a quiet warning and challenge to the candidate he supported. "Live up to your promises. The expectations are huge," Dominick said.

He said that he felt that Obama and the country fell short of the progress he hoped for during the first term, but more time was needed to complete the task. "It takes time. It takes more than one term. It's good to know there are sane people out there who know that," Dominick said.