President Obama has won the 2012 election based on Electoral College projections and Mitt Romney has conceded. But the outcome of the popular vote remains uncertain as individuals ballots continue to be tabulated. And it's looking to be a very close race. Possibly historically close.

As of this writing (1:20 a..m), the live Washington Post elections map shows Obama leading Romney by a difference of about 240,000 votes out of 103 million counted. That's a difference of about .3% and would rank this race as the third closest of all time, behind the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon race and, the closest of all time, the 1880 James Garfield-Winfield S. Hancock affair. The popular vote in that race was settled by just 1,898 votes out of 8.9 million cast in Garfield's favor  -- a gap of .04%.