Newt Gingrich, who during his race for the White House called Paul Ryan's budget "right wing social engineering," and called Mitt Romney a liar, said both men have a bright future in the Republican party.

"Ryan I think goes back to the House and has a major role to play. I think Paul Ryan came across as a very likeable person....I saw that his favorables were much higher than Vice President Biden's," Gingrich said on CNN's "Starting Point."  "If you had said to me on July 1 we're going to nominate Paul Ryan, he's going to get hammered for his budget ideas and after the debate with Biden he was going to come out with better favorables, I think that's a substantial achievement."

And Romney?

"I think Mitt's got to decide what he wants to do. I think clearly he is major figure in the party, he can play a significant role in the party," Gingrich said. "I think 2016 is probably the next generation."

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