The real Nate Silver. (Robert Gauldin)

The real Nate Silver may have spent Tuesday night reveling in his big fat "Told you so," but his Twitter parody had quite a different election night experience. The parody account @fivethirtynate went on a numbers-induced psychedelic trip reminiscent of the parody @MayorEmanuel -- considered "The best fake Twitter account ever" -- after Rahm Emanuel's mayoral election.

The parody Twitter account launched four days ago -- right in the frenzy of the Nate Silver backlash -- and has gained more than 9,000 followers since. Fake Nate's Twitter bio describes himself as a numbers-crunching automaton with a hint of spirituality: "The Signal strengthens. The Noise fades. Forecast becomes now-cast. The model and I are one." Immediately, "Nate Silver 2.0" begins to take us on a mystical, statistical journey.


It gets weirder from there:





And then, on election night, "Nate Silver 2.0" retweeted the actual Nate Silver, and the parody was indistinguishable from the real thing:

Toward the end of the night, "Nate Silver 2.0" began to descend into madness. It was all very much like the strange fantasy of @MayorEmanuel in 2011 -- later revealed to be helmed by Dan Sinker of Punk Planet magazine. The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal wrote of @MayorEmanuel, "The profane, brilliant stream of tweets not only may be the most entertaining feed ever created, but it pushed the boundaries of the medium, making Twitter feel less like a humble platform for updating your status and more like a place where literature could happen."

At the end of the night, it's hard to say what happened to "Nate Silver 2.0." Did he die and go to electoral heaven?



Who knows? Either way, it was quite a trip.

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