President Obama’s re-election team was confident he would win another four years in the White House. But even his top campaign aides were surprised at how quickly the television networks called the race in the president’s favor on Tuesday.

Obama had arrived at the Fairmont Hotel, where his aides were staying on Tuesday night, but they did not expect him to be declared winner so soon. In fact, the president had not yet gathered with his aides; he was with his family in their suite on the 37th floor, with the staffers in another room, said one senior aide who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private moments.

But the campaign’s confidence was evident a day earlier when the Republicans wrote on Twitter than they had knocked on 75,000 doors in Ohio on Sunday. An Obama field director, however, assured the president’s campaign that they had done better – having knocked on 376,000 doors.

Obama walked in while the director was telling the story and he repeated it to the president, the aide said.

“That’s my team,” Obama responded.