With the election over, attention is turning to the fiscal cliff. If you've been too busy parsing polls to follow that drama, here are some links worth visiting (or revisiting) on the first big challenge of President Obama's next four years.

  • Ed O'Keefe explains what the sequester is here and the fiscal cliff here
  • In May, the Congressional Budget Office said "Taxmageddon" would throw the United States back into recession.  
  • The CBO doubled down on that admonition in August, saying going over the fiscal cliff would bring on a "significant" recession that could cause a 2.9 percent contraction in economic growth.
  • Lori Montgomery and Paul Kane wrote in September that an Obama win could force the GOP to retreat on taxes in order to avert the cliff. 
  • Every post Wonkblog has done on the fiscal cliff is here, and the most comprehensive one of all (read: lots of charts) is here