MSNBC host Joe Scarborough promised Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod that he would grow a mustache if the president won Florida or North Carolina. Florida hasn't been called yet, but with Obama leading, Scarborough has made a deal to save his face. 

Instead of growing facial hair, Scarborough committed to donating $10,000 to epilepsy research and wearing a fake mustache while singing a  Freddy Fender song at an epilepsy fundraiser. (He refused to wear the mustache on air.)

Axelrod's daughter suffers from epilepsy. As part of the bet he was supposed to shave his mustache off if Obama lost Michigan, Pennsylvania or Minnesota. Now, with all three in Obama's column, Axelrod said he would shave anyway if his “Slash the ‘Stache” drive on raises $1 million or more.