Republicans are airing suspicions about why the Obama administration did not disclose a Nov. 1 Iranian attack on an unarmed U.S. drone for a full week, confirming it after it was reported on CNN

"I think there was a reason that it didn't come out until November 8th," Rich Williamson, a foreign policy adviser for Mitt Romney's campaign, told the Wall Street Journal. "I think that's because the people on the other side thought it would have political ramifications. It would raise issues they didn't want to address." 

The Journal report said Romney was not briefed on the attacks, though he had been receiving regular security briefings from intelligence officials starting September. 

Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin hammered Obama on the issue during a Fox News segment Thursday. Malkin called it "truth suppression" and said "people's blood should be boiling." Hannity tied the event to the attack in Libya in September and questions about what the Obama administration knew about it.

The Post's Jennifer Rubin also invoked the Libya attack: 

The nondisclosure of the drone attack highlights the degree to which the administration is attempting to manage national security under a veil of secrecy, phony executive and national security privileges and out-and-out dissembling. In an election year in which the mainstream media were too often rooting for rather than confronting the administration, Obama got away with this behavior. Will the press continue to shrug its shoulders or will it expend the same resources and energy it did in bird-dogging the Bush administration?

Pentagon spokesman George Little said restrictions on the discussion of classified surveillance missions, not political considerations, were the reason the incident was not reported sooner.