The digital director for the Romney campaign responded to criticism in the blogosphere  of the campaign's Election-Day "Orca" vote monitoring platform, saying the program had issues but for the most part performed its mission. 

Zac Moffatt said that data about 14.2 million voters was recorded through Orca, including 5,397 instances of polling-place irregularities, and that data came back from 91 percent of counties being monitored. 

Volunteers have started complaining online about lack of instructions, non-functional usernames and an overall system crash.  

"I understand the frustrations over interruptions with so many people engaged," Moffatt said. "But I have real numbers." 

Moffatt did not oversee Orca, which came out of the political arm of the campaign and was billed as a sophisticated way for 34,000 volunteers with smartphones to microtarget voters and drive turnout. But he said complaints about the execution of the project on some conservative blogs don't tell the whole story about the program itself or the Romney campaign in general. 

"I'm very surprised, as digital guy, about the pushback people are getting" over Orca, Moffatt said. "This didn't materially change the course of the election."