In an interview with National Review, Mitt Romney campaign political director Rich Beeson defended the campaign's ground game as well as a much-maligned get-out-the-vote operation called Orca. 

The problem, Beeson argued, is not that Romney wasn't good enough. President Obama was just better. 

“The ground game worked fine,” he told National Review. “We hit the numbers we needed to hit. Our ground game turned out the people it needed to turnout. They just turned out more." 

Turnout was lower this cycle than in 2008, but high minority turnout gave Obama the edge in several key swing states. 

As for Orca, an app-based poll-monitoring system which struggled due to both technical issues and poor volunteer training, Beeson called it "a good precursor for what I think we’ll want to be able to design and implement and improve on in coming elections."

Romney's digital director, Zac Moffatt, has similarly argued that the campaign was very successful technologically even if Obama's team did a bit better.