Just before briefly leaving New Jersey for a Republican Governors Association conference in Las Vegas, Gov. Chris Christie (R) reflected on the 2012 election and his impact. 

“I worked really hard for Mitt for a year and we became good friends and so that’s really what disappointed me,” he told The Record

But Christie was buoyed by gubernatorial successes, he said, noting that “we didn't lose any incumbents, any incumbent governors and we added Pat McCrory in North Carolina." Republicans were hoping to gain another governorship in New Hampshire, Montana or Washington state but did not. 

Christie added that he didn't think his own endorsements had much impact. 

"I always say, I don’t think endorsements mean as much as the people who are receiving the endorsement think they mean ... You know they’re really psyched when I come and I endorse them and say it makes a huge difference and I kind of wonder whether it really does,” he said.