Fresh off the big victory last week, President Obama's campaign manager Jim Messina stopped by the White House on Tuesday and said he's going to treat himself to some rest and relaxation -- in Italy.

Messina was spotted exiting the West Wing at about 12:45 p.m., and he told reporters he came to "see some friends, hang out."

"I'm now a member of the public and the private sector and I'm going to support the president whatever he decides to do," said Messina, who managed the campaign from Chicago. He declined to say whether he had met with the president Tuesday.

Asked what's next for him, Messina responded: "I'm going to go to Italy and figure out how to become an expert in red wine for a couple weeks."

Also seen headed into the West Wing on Tuesday was rocker Bono. He was meeting with administration staff about his global health and development initiatives, according to White House press secretary Jay Carney.

"You witnessed the formation of a new band," Carney joked of the Messina-Bono pairing.