Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner sent three elections officials to St. Lucie County  to investigate vote tabulation issues that affected the race between Rep. Allen West (R) and Patrick Murphy (D).

After a partial recount of early voting in the county, West gained 132 votes and challenger Murphy lost 667. But Murphy's lead over West is still outside the margin to trigger recount. The defeated congressman has filed a complaint with the county asking for a retabulation of all early voting ballots in St. Lucie. 

"We are concerned whenever there is a question about the accuracy of results,” Detzner spokesman Chris Cate told WPTV. State Rep. Gayle Harrell (R) encouraged the audit, which will take about 72 hours. 

West has already lost a motion to impound ballots and voting machines for a potential recount. Murphy has headed to Washington this week for freshman orientation on Capitol Hill. 

“Everything is a conspiracy theory to [West], like everyone’s against him,” Murphy told reporters from Washington. “That’s not the case.”