The Republican National Committee subscribes to the theory that shifting demographics hurt the GOP's chances to defeat President Obama and other Democrats. 

MSNBC has obtained a copy of a presentation RNC Chairman Reince Priebus made to a group of Republican senators Wednesday outlining where the party missed opportunities.

Among the slides titled "What Happened?" are several devoted to turnout demographics. They note that the GOP made gains among independent voters but that Mitt Romney captured a very small share of young, black and Hispanic voters, while white voters made up a smaller portion of the electorate. 

The presentation, based on exit polling data, also points out that most late-deciding voters chose Obama over Romney, and 42 percent of those late deciders attributed their decision to Obama's handling of Superstorm  Sandy. 

The polling data also found that more voters blame President George W. Bush for the struggling economy than blame Obama, and more said Obama's policies favored the middle class. 

The final slide indicated that the RNC is doing a "deep dive" into all the areas where it may have fallen short, including ground game, data collection, messaging and outreach to third-party groups.

As NBC's Mark Murray notes, nothing in the RNC's assessment points to "gifts" Romney cited from Obama to constituencies.