Nearly three weeks after an election in which gay marriage supporters won major victories in several states, the nation's largest gay rights organization is launching a new television ad campaign to seize on the momentum it picked up on Election Day. 

Actor Morgan Freeman narrates the new Human Rights Campaign spot, which draws parallels to the civil rights movement and the fight for women's suffrage. The ad lauds the Nov. 6 victories and says the results emboldened gay rights advocates to press onward across the country. 

"With historic victories for marriage, we've delivered a mandate for full equality. The wind is at our back, but our journey has just begun," Freeman says in the commercial. 

The ad, which has $250,000 behind it, began airing during news programming in the Washington D.C., Los Angeles and New York City media markets on Sunday and will continue for a week. 

The commercial comes during what gay rights advocates see as a crucial moment spurred by significant victories at the polls earlier this month. Maine, Maryland and Washington voted to legalize gay marriage on Nov. 6, while voters in Minnesota defeated a gay marriage ban. Exit polls showed a shift in support among African Americans and Hispanics. And on Nov. 30, the Supreme Court is set to sort through a half-dozen cases involving the issue of same-sex relationships, most of which involve the Defense of Marriage Act. 

“This year proved to be a pivotal turning point in the movement for marriage equality and now we press onward with renewed vigor and public opinion squarely on our side," said Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin in a statement. 

Beyond the matters before the high court, gay marriage supporters also have an eye on Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey and Rhode Island, where lawmakers are slated revisit the issue of gay marriage next year