President Obama, flanked by House Speaker John Boehner, left, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Nov. 16. (Olivier Douliery/

As lawmakers near the Dec. 31 deadline for "fiscal cliff" negotiations, the spotlight will only get brighter — and the details of the discussions will only get wonkier. 

Our Politics and Wonkblog teams compiled this bookmark-worthy guide to the fiscal cliff, with helpful explanations, videos and graphics. Click one of the frequently asked questions below to go to the explainer, and check back frequently for new content. 

1. What is the fiscal cliff?
2. What is sequestration?
3. What happens if we go over the fiscal cliff?
4. What is the AMT?
5. Who are the key players?
6. What is the Gang of Six?
7. What is the Simpson-Bowles Commission?
8. What does this have to do with the debt ceiling?