Fewer people gave members of Congress high "honesty and ethical standards" ratings than almost any other profession surveyed in a new Gallup poll released Monday. 

In ranking 22 occupations, respondents put only car salespeople lower than members of Congress. And while a slightly greater percentage of representatives got a "very high/high" honesty rating (10 percent) than did salespeople (8 percent), five percent more respondents scored Congress very low/low (54 percent) on the honesty scale than they did salespeople (49 percent). 

Senators fared slightly better broken out of the "Members of Congress" category, though they belong in both, ranking 17th. And state governors ranked 15th. 

Members of Congress have never had high honesty and ethics rankings: Their highest honesty rating in the survey's history was 25 percent in 2001. This year's rating tops their previous lows — a slight gain over 2011's 7 percent rating and 2007's 9 percent.

Nurses, pharmacists, medical doctors, engineers and dentists were the most trusted professions in the survey.