Country/rap/rock musician Kid Rock met President Obama at Sunday's Kennedy Center Honors reception and gala. He told CNN there was no bad blood between him and the president after his endorsement of Mitt Romney. 

"It was nice. I saw the president tonight. He said, 'I'm still here.' I said, 'No hard feelings," Kid Rock told CNN.

"I love this country, just like I think both men do. You cross your fingers, you try to move forward, you hope for the best," he said. "You respect the office of the president of the United States, and the great thing is in four years, we get to choose again."

In an interview with the Washington Post, the musician elaborated on his willingness to reach across the aisle, pointing to a short film about politics he made with his liberal friend Sean Penn.

"Thinking differently is what made this country great," he said. "You can still be friends with people and not be so upset over everything." Kid Rock went on to imagine how President Obama would play air guitar.