Some have speculated that former Republican House majority leader Dick Armey's split from the conservative group FreedomWorks could be linked to the group's antagonistic attitude toward House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) after House GOP leadership kicked a few conservative lawmakers off some prominent committees.

But Armey says it isn't so. 

“First of all, what happened between me and FreedomWorks is unrelated to what’s going on with John Boehner and largely unrelated to the Tea Party movement," Armey told Fox Business Network in an interview scheduled to air Wednesday night. "I left there because I had serious concerns about the ethical and moral behavior of the senior leadership."

Then Armey condemned Boehner's move, calling it "misguided." 

"People are not going to forsake their principles for something that is as insignificant in their life as a committee assignment," the longtime Texas lawmaker said. "So if he thinks this is a party discipline he can impose on people of principle, he is sadly mistaken, and he ought to know that from his own experience in a younger time in his service in Congress when he was himself the outsider.” 

As for his departure from FreedomWorks, which Politico reported stemmed from concerns over president Matt Kibbe's book deal, Armey said, "I am consoled by my certain knowledge that time wounds all heals and that this will be in fact at some point all sorted out."