Eleven former House and Senate leaders have penned a letter to the American people urging them to lobby President Obama and Congress to work together to "address the fiscal and budgetary issues that we must face."

The signers include former Democratic House Speakers Tom Foley and Jim Wright Jr., and former Republican Senate Majority Leaders Bob Dole and Trent Lott.

"We know that charting such a long-term fiscal path will require painful and difficult compromises by Congress and the president," the letter reads. "We also know that those compromises may not be reached unless there is a broad agreement by all of us that shared sacrifice is the necessary requirement to build the bright future for our country — and for the world — that we all want."

The former Congress members remind voters that their involvement did not end with the election. " The men and women you elected and reelected will need your support in making difficult decisions and asking for the sacrifices we will all have to make."

Read the full letter here.