The Republican National Committee on Monday launched the "Growth and Opportunity Project," its effort to diagnose what went wrong after failing to take the White House or Senate in 2012. 

The project will include review of the GOP's ground game, messaging, fundraising, demographics, primary process and interaction with third party groups. Republicans will also look at what the party can learn from Democrats' tactics. 

The RNC tapped several veteran GOP operatives as project co-chairs, including former White House speechwriter Ari Fleischer and Florida strategist Sally Bradshaw. Committee members Henry Barbour of Mississippi, Zori Fonalledas of Puerto Rico and Glenn McCall of South Carolina are also co-chairing. 

“I've appointed a talented group of individuals to study eight key areas, and I look forward to working with these outstanding Republicans as they conduct rigorous analysis and engage in important conversations," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. 

Party officials told the Post in November that the effort is aimed at improving tactics and message, not at changing the philosophical underpinnings of the party. The party has been conducted voter focus groups and polling since Election Day. About 150,000 volunteers and 600 staff members will be queried on such topics as the quality of the party’s technology and voter-contact database to see if other factors contributed to their losses.

“This is no different than a patient going to see a doctor,” said Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee’s spokesman, at the time. “Your number one thing is to say, ‘I’m not feeling well. Tell me what the problem is. Run some tests on me.’"

Peter Wallsten contributed to this report.