House freshmen may be keeping quiet about the recent shakeup in GOP committee leadership. But Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), who lost his seat on the House Budget Committee, is not.

“If Speaker Boehner wants to come back to my district, he’s not going to be met with very much welcome,” he told reporters Wednesday, according to the National Review

The libertarian-leaning Amash told CNN Friday that he wasn't sure he would support Boehner as Speaker, saying he wanted to see if the House Republican leader was "willing to make amends.” 

Amash, Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp, North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones, and Michigan Rep. David Schweikert were all stripped of their prized committee assignments last week. Each congressman had crossed leaders — and some colleagues — repeatedly. They have demanded the release of the voting "scorecards" used to make the decisions; Boehner has denied that any such scorecards exist.