Joe Lieberman has served in the Senate for 24 years. But the retiring senator now supports term limits, as well as eliminating the Electoral College. 

"My position on this has changed," Lieberman said of term limits in an interview with a local television station that aired Sunday. "I've always felt that there are term limits for senators — it's six years and it's up to voters to decide whether they want somebody to go on, and you need some people around here with some experience." But now, he said, "I'm beginning to feel now that the place needs to change more often."It's actually the House of Representatives, "where people really tend to serve longer," where Lieberman argued that a change could do the most good. "I think the place might be healthier and less partisan and more rigid if it turned over more often," he said. 

As for the Electoral College, he said, "It's kind of amazing looking back at 2000 that there was not a whimper of an attempt" to get rid of it.