The office of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is pushing back on President Obama's "Meet the Press" interview, suggesting that the White House is wrong to blame Republicans for a lack of action on the "fiscal cliff." 

"While the President was taping those discordant remarks yesterday, Sen. McConnell was in the office working to bring Republicans and Democrats together on a solution," spokesman Don Stewart said. "Discussions continue today."

Obama used the NBC News interview to pressure Congress to make a deal that will avoid the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to begin taking effect Jan. 1. 

"[A]t a certain point it is very important for Republicans in Congress to be willing to say, ‘We understand we’re not going to get 100 percent. We are willing to compromise in a serious way in order to solve problems,’” the president said. Republicans, he said, "have had trouble saying yes to a number of repeated offers."