House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said he plans to vote for the bill, but did so in a slightly tepid fashion.

“I severely regret that this is not a big, bold and balanced plan,” Hoyer said. “We had an opportunity to reach such an agreement in a bipartisan fashion. And we will not reach a big, bold, balanced plan without bipartisanship, because the decisions we’ll have to make will be too difficult not to do in a bipartisan fashion.”

Hoyer said that when Americans wake in the morning, they will see that the Congress came together “not perfectly but in a bipartisan fashion to try to take a step towards fiscal responsibility, fiscal stability and yes, caring for those who most need our help in this country.”

He urged his colleagues to pass the bill, “not as a Democrat, not as a Republican, but as an American who understands that our people believe that action is necessary.”