In a statement Tuesday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) explained why his was one of eight "no" votes against the "fiscal cliff" deal passed by the Senate earlier in the morning.

"Rapid economic growth and spending reforms are the only way out of the real fiscal cliff our nation is facing," Rubio said. "But rapid economic growth and job creation will be made more difficult under the deal reached here in Washington."

The deal raised taxes for families with income above $450,000 and individuals with income above $400,000.

“Thousands of small businesses, not just the wealthy, will now be forced to decide how they'll pay this new tax, and chances are they'll do it by firing employees, cutting back their hours and benefits or postponing the new hire they were looking to make," added Rubio, who is considered a likely presidential candidate in 2016. "And to make matters worse, it does nothing to bring our dangerous debt under control."

The anti-tax Club for Growth, which often targets Republicans deemed too moderate, has come out against the deal.