They've forgiven House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) for pulling a vote on Hurricane Sandy aid Tuesday night. But Reps. Michael Grimm and Peter King, both New York Republicans, are still mad at Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) for arguing that the relief package was filled with pork. 

"Darrell Issa is 1,000 percent wrong," King said Thursday morning. All extraneous spending in the Senate bill, he said, was taken out of the House version. "The speaker disagrees with him, the majority leader [disagrees] with him and if he wants to take it up with somebody, call [New Jersey] Gov. [Chris] Christie." 

In a scorched-earth speech Wednesday, Christie condemned "know-nothings" in Congress for claiming the bill was filled with pet projects. 

King added, "There is no pork and to somehow say that $33 billion is pork, Darrell Issa, with all due respect is 1,000 percent wrong. I say that again: he is 1,000 percent wrong."

Grimm agreed with King. "That's just not accurate," he told CNN of Issa's claims. "There will be no pork in this bill." 

The House will vote Friday to provide $9 billion of federal assistance to communities ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, Boehner announced Wednesday. A vote on an additional $51 billion will be held on Jan. 15, the first legislative day of business in the next session of Congress.