Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman (R) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) are co-chairing No Labels, an anti-partisan group founded in 2010 that brings Democrats, Republicans and independents together in defense of moderate, common-sense politics.

The move makes sense for both politicians. Manchin is a conservative Democrat in an increasingly red state; Huntsman is a Republican who struggled to find footing as a moderate in last year's presidential primary and has become an outspoken critic of the GOP. 

“As governors, both Jon Huntsman and Joe Manchin developed well-earned reputations as problem solvers,” No Labels co-founder Mark McKinnon said. “That’s precisely the attitude we need more of in Washington. and these two leaders will be great advocates and spokesmen for our movement.”

The 501(c)(4) organization did not, like some other nonpartisan groups, attempt to field a third party candidate in 2012. The group advocates for bipartisan solutions — not individual candidates or policies — along with structural changes to make Congress and the presidency run more smoothly. 

Huntsman and Manchin will appear together Jan. 14 at a No Labels event in New York.