LGBT advocacy group Log Cabin Republicans called former senator Chuck Hagel's (R) apology for his past statements on gay rights "too little, too late" in a full page ad in Monday's Washington Post. 

The ad appears the same day President Obama plans to announce Hagel as his nominee for defense secretary.

The Log Cabin Republicans announced their opposition to Hagel and ran a similar ad in the New York Times last month. 

Hagel, a two-term senator from Nebraska who resigned in 2009, opposed repealing the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and opposed same-sex marriage.  

In December, when his potential nomination came under fire from gay-rights activists, Hagel retracted his 1998 statement criticizing the nomination of a U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg who he said was "openly, aggressively gay." 

Another gay rights advocacy group that had expressed concern about Hagel, the Human Rights Campaign, accepted his apology and has embraced the former senator.