In nominating Chief of Staff Jack Lew to serve as Treasury secretary, President Obama concluded his remarks with a jab at the budget expert's handwriting.

"I had never noticed Jack’s signature," he said, "and when this was highlighted yesterday in the press, I considered rescinding my offer to appoint him."

Lew's loopy signature has become infamous. You can even generate a version of your own name in Lew-manship. But Obama suggested that Lew, like incumbent Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, will clean up his handwriting before he starts signing U.S. checks.

"Jack assures me that he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency, should he be confirmed as secretary of the Treasury," Obama said.

Geithner's signature also started out pretty unreadable, as Lew himself pointed out, saying, "It was only yesterday that I discovered that we both share a common challenge with penmanship."