George P. Bush with his uncle, George W. Bush. (AP Photo) George P. Bush with his uncle, George W. Bush. (AP Photo)

Another Bush is running for office. George Prescott Bush, the son of former Florida governor Jeb Bush and nephew of former president George W. Bush, is gearing up for a campaign in Texas. 

“We for sure are running, the question is the office,” he told the AP. He said he was gearing up to run for land commissioner, a common path to higher office. But he suggested that he could run for governor if current Gov. Rick Perry (R) decides to retire. His choice will depend “where the governor’s thinking is." He said he wants to be a team player in the state GOP.

The 36-year-old has already filed necessary campaign papers. Bush served in Afghanistan for six months as a member of the Naval Reserve. He's co-founded a political action committee for Hispanic Republicans as well as a real estate private equity firm, and he's involved in education-related non-profit work. 

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is reportedly planning a primary campaign against Perry, who has shown no sign that he plans to step down after three terms. Asked about Bush recently, Perry said he'd like to talk to the budding politician:  “He knows my phone number.”