U.S. President Obama addresses reporters during a news conference at the White House in Washington
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

“We've got to break the habit of negotiating through crisis over and over again,” Obama said at his news conference Monday.

The remark came as the president was responding to a question about why he engaged with congressional Republicans over raising the debt ceiling two years ago.

It’s an argument that some Republicans have used as well, but in order to make a different point. They contend that using the debt ceiling as a leverage point is necessary in order to force the White House to come to the table and agree to a grand bargain that will begin to tackle the country’s debt challenge.

Some liberal Democrats have voiced their ire at Obama for participating in the 2011 debt-ceiling showdown to begin with. The White House – perhaps in response to those concerns – moved to pre-empt any debt ceiling battle this time around by stating that it will not negotiate with congressional Republicans on the issue.

But whether or not Obama is able to deliver on that pledge remains an open question, particularly as the White House has ruled out bypassing Congress in raising the federal borrowing limit unilaterally.