A Treasury Department farewell bash for outgoing secretary Tim Geithner on Wednesday afternoon was not a wild affair.

This according to President Obama, who told reporters with a grin as he exited the party: “They didn’t serve any alcohol.”

“Still on a budget,” he explained.

At a news conference this week, Obama responded to a question about his relationship with Congress by telling reporters, “I’m a pretty friendly guy, and I like a good party.”

Geithner is expected to depart his Treasury post next week. Obama has nominated current chief of staff Jack Lew to serve as his successor.

According to a White House official, among those present for the goodbye party were Vice President Biden and Treasury staff, as well as Geithner’s friends and family. Lew, a host of other White House officials and former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Geithner’s boss during the Clinton White House, were also spotted at the event.