President Obama is marshaling his vast campaign network to bolster his effort to tighten restrictions on gun ownership, asking supporters to sign a petition endorsing his administration's agenda.

"People like you spoke out and demanded action. Your input, along with ideas from leaders and policymakers across the political spectrum, went into the President's plan," campaign manager Jim Messina wrote in a note to supporters. "Learn more about the plan, and say you stand with President Obama in tackling this critical issue." 

The petition, on Obama's campaign Web site, lists the 23 executive actions the president signed Wednesday and the measures he's pushing Congress to pass. Messina promises "more soon."

Obama for America also rallied supporters to get involved in the "fiscal cliff" fight. But the campaign arm's role going forward is still up in the air. Former staff and volunteers are holding a “Campaign Legacy Conference” this weekend to discuss the new organization.

On MSNBC Wednesday morning, former Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs argued that the campaign's database could be put to work combating the influence of the National Rifle Association.

"The president has the most exciting campaign apparatus ever built. It's time to turn that loose," Gibbs said. "It's time to turn that loose for something more than just an election. If the NRA's got a list, then Obama for America has a bigger list. And it's time to get activated again."