First came the release of letters written by children to President Obama urging him to take action to reduce gun violence.

Now, the White House is posting online videos of the four elementary-schoolers reading their letters to Obama -- part of its campaign to win public support for its new gun-policy agenda.

Eight-year-old Grant Fritz, 11-year-old Julia Stokes, 10-year-old Taejah Goode and 8-year-old Hinna Zeejah are the four children who were invited onstage for Obama’s Wednesday news conference after writing to him in the wake of last month’s Newtown, Conn., shooting tragedy.

In the videos released by the White House, each of the children reads aloud from his or her letter to the president. The move could aid the Obama administration in making its case to the public, but it also could open up the White House to further criticism of the way it has utilized children in the gun debate.

“I think if there are no guns on the street, no one could get hurt,” says Hinna Zeejah in one of the videos, above. “Bullets don’t have eyes. It can hurt anyone. I am really scared of guns and criminals around the world. I love my country and I want everyone to be happy and safe. No guns, no guns, no guns, no guns.”

Below are the videos of Grant Fritz, Julia Stokes and Taejah Goode: