Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will give his first live television interview since the presidential election Sunday on "Meet the Press with David Gregory."

Ryan was among the attendees at President Obama's second inauguration Monday, which would have been his swearing-in as vice president had he and Mitt Romney prevailed in November.

Ryan, who chairs the House Budget Committee and is the face of the GOP's efforts to reform Social Security and Medicare, has responded to Obama's comments on entitlement programs in his inaugural address. Ryan told radio host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday that Obama mischaracterized Republicans' positions with his reference to a "nation of takers."

On Wednesday, Ryan told reporters the GOP would insist on spending cuts to control the budget this year.

Ryan has given several taped interviews in Wisconsin since the election. "Meet the Press" said Ryan will weigh in on upcoming budget battles and assess the future of the Republican party in his interview with Gregory.