Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) bluntly told Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wednesday morning that if he were president, he would have demanded her resignation over the attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.

"One of the things that disappointed me most about the original 9/11 is that no one was fired," Paul said during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the deadly assault. "The people who make judgment errors need to be replaced, fired and no longer in a position to make judgment calls."

"Had I been president at the time" and known that Clinton had not read cables from Libya asking for more security, "I would have relieved you of your post," Paul said. "I think it's inexcusable." Paul has said he is interested in running for president in 2016.

The senator added that as she leaves office, Clinton deserves "culpability in the worst tragedy since 9/11." The secretary of state has long planned to serve only one term.

Paul went on to ask if the United States is shipping weapons from Libya to Turkey. Some news outlets have suggested that arms are going from Libya to Syrian rebels through Turkey with American knowledge. "I will have to take that question for the record. No one's ever raised that with me," she responded.