Chris Lu, President Obama's chief liaison to the Cabinet, is leaving his post after four years. Obama has asked him to consider serving in another White House post after taking some time off.

“Chris Lu is one of my longest-serving and closest advisors, first crafting my legislative agenda in the Senate, then leading my Presidential transition, and most recently, managing my relations with the Cabinet," Obama said in a statement. "Through his dedication and tireless efforts, Chris has overseen one of the most stable and effective Cabinets in history -- a Cabinet that has produced extraordinary accomplishments over the past four years."

If Lu chooses not to rejoin the administration in a new capacity, it will mean the loss of another prominent minority staffer. His parents emigrated to the United States from Taiwan, and he is co-chair of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Obama, when asked about the diversity of his new team, has said observers should wait to see all of his hires before rushing to judgment.

Lu came with Obama to the White House from Obama's Senate staff, where Lu started working back in 2005. But his relationship with the president goes back further than that; they went to Harvard Law School together. The Post interviewed Lu in 2009 about his new role; he said one change was that he could no longer call the president "Barack."